For me, one of the most important of my fitness goals is to do strength training at least twice a week. If you try it, be sure to make a note of your blood sugar the next day. I always find the my blood sugar readings are much lower the day after I lift weights.

I am not an expert on exercise or weight training but I do read almost everything that I can find about managing Type 2 diabetes. And while expert disagree on the best diet for diabetes, they are all pretty unanimous. Exercise helps to control diabetes and strenght training is one of the best things that a person with diabetes can do.

For years I met up with a friend at the gym to do what we referred to as ‘the ugly machines.’

But life happens. In my case, I fell and broke my arm. It healed slowly. I lost so much of my strength that I never really got back to lifting weights. My friend quit working out so I lost her constant encouragement to show up and do the machines. I lost the habit of challenging my muscles by lifting weights.

Time goes by and I am working on that habit again. Resistance training at least twice a week. It’s an important part of my diabetic journey.