Off Beat and Untold is a great travel website using the Extra theme.

 It follows Agni and Amrita as they travel the world. It is worth reading alone for the story of celebrating Christmas with Anglo Indians in Bow Barracks. I love this story because it reaffirms the kindness of strangers.

On hot summer weekends in Calgary, there is one park where we love to walk. It is called Bowness Park and it runs along the Bow River at the western edge of the city. It is a favourite spot for family picnics and walking along you can smell the tantalizing aromas of hot dogs and barbeque, Indian food, food from the Caribbean. If it would not embarrass my husband way too much, I would love to go over to one of these family groups, introduce myself and try out their food. All because I am inspired by Agni and Amrita.

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