The number one rule of eating at a restaurant is that if they go to the trouble of putting a keto meal on the menu – order it.

Eating in restaurants poses one of the hardest problems in sticking to my keto diet.  All those delicious things on the menu, pancakes with maple syrup, eggs bennie, apple pie with ice cream.  It’s just so hard to resist. And I tell myself that it’s only this one time.

Navigating a restaurant menu can be fraught with difficulty, if I am resolved to stick to my eating plan.  Does that salad dressing have sugar in it?  Are those pecans in the salad sugar coated? Yes.  Can they come without the sugar? No. Should I order them anyway and think that I will only eat a few?  Who am I kidding? Only myself.

Asking all these questions about the menu only draws attention to myself and my eating plan. How many well meaning friends have said something like, “you have to treat yourself once in a while.’  And I have a friend who will only order dessert if I do.  Let’s not even go down that rabbit hole.

Sometimes,  I order something that comes with hashbrowns or  garlic toast, thinking that I will be strong and won’t eat all those carbs.  Why torture myself?

If restaurants have a hold the carbs meal, I order it. When it comes, it’s always delicious and usually very thoughtfully put together. Who can ask for anything more?

Ordering the low car meal also tells the restaurant that their effort is appreciated by the growning portion of the population who want to eat a Keto diet.

I always return to restaurants that have hold-the carb meals.  I know that I can go there and get something to eat that fits my eating plan and will be delicious.

At the end of the day, it’s just easier all around to order the no carb/low carb meal.  And if my experience is anything to go by, you will enjoy it.