Once you become insulin dependent, your diabetes prognosis changes much for the worse.  I was on the beginning of a downward spiral. Taking insulin leads to weight gain. Weight gain leads to higher blood sugar readings which leads to an increase in the amount of insulin that you need to control your diabetes.

Which leads to more weight gain. Which leads to higher blood sugars. Which leads to more insulin.  I think you get the picture.  And so I became interested in a Keto diet.  There is good scientific evidence which supports the use of a low carbohydrate diet in the treatment of diabetes.

Originally, when I first spoke to my family doctor, he was extremely concerned with the idea that I might begin a Keto diet.  The risk is that when I am using diabetes medication,  if I cut my carb intake, it could result in dangerously low blood sugar.  

Later there was no research into the use of Keto diet by people who have diabetes and it has proved to be very successful in many cases.  What is important is careful monitering of blood sugar to ensure the balance of  medication and carbs.

My family doctor referred me to a doctor who focusses on treating diabetics,  overweight pregnant women and overweight children with a keto diet.

To start with, she recommended that I cut my carb intake in half.  For example,  a half of a cup of pasta with my dinner.  A sandwich with a single slice of bread.  Even this small change made a huge change to health.  I immediately began losing weight and she recommend that I progress to a very low carb diet with no flour, no sugar, no starchy vegetables.   The amount of meat or other protein that I eat is moderate and I have increased the healthy fats that I eat.  I eat enough until I feel satisfied.

My doctor also recommended that I decrease my blood pressure medication by half and I reduced both my insulin and my metformin.

I am so grateful for my doctor’s advice. On my own, I would never known how to adjust my medication and I can’t emphisize enough the importance of having medical support while embarking on this Keto journey.